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Latest Facebook news, Know All the latest and Trendy updates Today



Latest Facebook news, Know All the latest and Trendy updates Today

Facebook news:- We all have used or still use Facebook, it is the most popular and widely used Social media platform on the entire planet, which is mostly used by youth and now Facebook is turned into an all round place where you can do almost anything, connect with friends, share photos and videos, Find jobs, Find Workplaces, Check your friend’s birthdays, Sell or buy anything, play games, check news feed and do a lot more.

Facebook news
Facebook news

We all know that was Facebook was founded in Feb 2004 by Mark Zuckerburg and the app has bloomed ever since, and today we will be taking you thru some of the latest updates and talks about the app and all that you need to know about it :-

The Latest Trendy Facebook News And about Facebook apps:-

1. How to Turn on The dark Mode on whatsapp :-

facebook apps
facebook apps

Whatsapp is owned by facebook, and Whatsapp already has Dark mode for Android and Iphone mode and today we will be teaching you steps on how you can easily turn on Dark mode on Whatsapp web version. So follow these steps below to do so :-

  1. Firstly open your browser and log-in on your Whatsapp account on
  2. Now look for a menu with three dots and when you see it then click on it.
  3. Now look for settings and then look for theme.
  4. Once you have selected the theme you can choose for light or dark mode and easily enable the mode that you want.
  5. That’s it once dark mode is selected you can enjoy it.

New Updates of Facebook :-

The White mode of Facebook :-

In the Facebook news we recently have seen that the app has changed a lot in the past couple years and the new theme of the app is in complete white mode, at the F8 2019 conference Mark Zuckerberg showed the new design that facebook was coming with and the Facebook news broke out and people were pretty hyped up, though people still prefer the old version a lot more, the old version was surely something that many people did admire.

More Focus on Groups and Events :-


With the latest update on facebook the Facebook news is that the new update has the app mesmerized and now people are more focused in connecting and socializing and thus Facebook wants it platform to be more of a business place and thus they are prioritizing more on Groups and other events of various sort such as Having groups promoted and Getting more sharing options and search limits on groups and more.

Turning the Dark mode on Facebook app :-

The facebook is pretty popular be it on Android or Ios, so follow these steps to make sure you have the dark mode on, because sometimes the white mode can be a little to much for your teeny tiny eyes.

Android and ios :-

Firstly make sure that you have the latest version of the app running and then click on the right panel with three lines, at the settings panel with security and privacy button as you go there you will find toggling the dark theme mode option, so just click on it and you’ll have it.

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