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The Best 3 Screen Recorders For High Quality Recording :-



The Best 3 Screen Recorders For High Quality Recording :-

Best 3 Screen Recorders:- We all know Screen recording is required these days, be it for college purposes or even if you want to show your gaming gameplay to the world you would like to record the screen and thus today we will be talking about TheBest 3 Screen Recorders That you can install and use for Free.

Best 3 Screen Recorders

Top 3 Screen Recorders:-

1.OBS Studio:-

For any professional and high quality editing along with screen recording, the best application that you can use it obs studio as it is at top on the list of our Best 3 Screen Recorders, This software has numerous other amazing features as well, that make it unique, posh and all in all one of its kind.

Even if you are a gamer or a regular person, This app allows you to do High quality screen recording, which match the highest resolution that your device supports and also it gives you 60 FPS recordings as well (Frames per second)

This app also has some good features which are as following:-

obs studio


  • Free to Install and use.
  • Great interface.
  • No video length restrictions like bandicam or other apps.
  • HD streaming as well as recording support.
  • This app is open source, and that means no Advertisements will be there.

2.Flashback Express.

At number two of our list of Best 3 Screen Recorders, it comes Flashback Express, this is another emerging and great Screen recording software that you can install on your PC, As being Free it is close to our OBS as the features of this Software are just amazing and even the free version works just as fine if you are a normal recorder, If you are professional one then we would suggest you switch to the paid one.

The features of this software are too amazing as they are as following:-

Flashback Express


  • Records from both, The screen as well as Web camera.
  • very stable and Posh user interface.
  • Free and paid both versions are available.
  • You can choose the output format For any video file.
  • Functions well with good GPu’s

3.Share X:-

At last but not the least comes Share X on our list of Best 3 Screen Recorders, this app is also good, but it comes at number 3 because it will not work well with you if you are a gamer,But here you can easily record amazing Video files and also videos as well as Gif’s This app also allows you to share the Recorded contents very easily which is one of its perks, Tho you won’t be able to make 4k and 60 FPs recordings but we guess it is okay if you don’t have a very high end set up it is an okay application for you.

Share X

The Features:-

  • Helps you to take video and GIF files.
  • Also free to use.
  • Has many output options for choosing format.
  • Suits green grabs.
  • An amazing app for a normal user.
  • Amazing user interface.


In our list of Best 3 Screen Recorders, all of them are good softwares but according to your comfort you can choose the one you like, for eg- Obs for gaming and if you are a normal user then go for Share X.

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